Clay Sculpting

From gnomes to steam punk to Diagon Alley and from the Enterprise to the Game of Thrones, I have been infatuated with bringing 2-D to life for more than 40 years.

What began as a love of drawing in pencil, became a driving passion to build and create using Sculpey Clay.

For a time I incorporated Metal Earth miniature models into the mix and that satisfied the need to build in miniature. The integration of the two can be seen in Diagon Alley and The Enterprise. 

You never know what will spark my next creation, so check back often!


I am an avid photographer. I have been blessed in my life with the opportunity to travel to many scenic places in the world. Today, I've shown in two gallery events. See more here.

Some of the pieces on this page have been sold! More to come.

If you see something you like, feel free to reach out.

KimberlyAnnArt 2019