About Me


An Artist at Heart

I guess you could say that I have had a passion with art and photography since I was a little girl. What began as pencil drawings led to much more. In fact, I frequently draw my ideas before I convert them to clay.

Then, as my life progressed, children, husband and career seemed to get in the way of the creative. Until I discovered photography. I remember my first 35mm camera. And the lenses... I found joy in shooting my children, but then I re-discovered the passion by focusing on abstract imagery and the beauty in nature.

As free time collided with a full time, stressful career, I found little flat sheets of metal that could be folded into amazing tiny sculptures! It was like watching a drawing come to life. And it changed everything.

Thank you Fascinations for your amazing Metal Earth 3-D model kits and for reigniting my passion to create 3-dimensional art. Follow them on Instagram @metalearth_official

Which leads us to my newest passion - crafting 3-D miniature dioramas from Sculpey clay (and occasionally incorporating a 3-D model!)

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the creative side of a once very busy human.



Interested in learning more...

If you are interested in buying my photography or would like more information on individual clay projects, let me know!