Bringing Illustration to Life with Clay

Why I bring illustration to life

Throughout my 20's I made fantasy creatures, gnomes, elves and wizards. Unfortunately, the only one to survive is this guy.

A few years back I became entranced with clay once again when my father asked me to create small people for his woodworking projects. (See the Dad Project) to see the progression of those little men.

Following a series of "gifting" projects, I had a rekindling of the desire to build a miniature town. Someone suggested a Steampunk Village and that was all it took. My imagination (with a little help from images snagged from Google) took over and within several months the village began to take shape.

There is much more to come and now with Instagram and social media I am able to share my projects as they are developing. Stay tuned because there is much more to come!

KimberlyAnnArt 2019

The original illustration from (c) Game of Thrones/HBO

Game of Thrones "Dragon Throne": Sometimes inspiration comes from the oddest places. After years of reading and watching the magic that was Game of Thrones, I was inspired by the changing throne they advertised during the final season of the show. This one captured my attention and took approx. 6 months to complete as I tried to figure out how to make it happen.

Twinkles Comes to Life

Harry Potter/Diagon Alley Art: The amazing artist, and illustrator for the Harry Potter novels, Jim Kay, was the inspiration for a host of clay work. This is the first piece I stuck into a window box frame for display.

See the project details here

The newest piece - A Tiny Bag End

Tolkien/The Hobbit: Following along the vein of fantasy, I got it in my head that I wanted to recreate Bag End. This was the second project to end up in a frame. It now hangs in my daughter's home in the Bay Area.

See the project details here.

The Steam Punk Village: This was the first "large scale/tiny" project I ever attempted and it definitely wet my whistle for more elaborate projects. I am not an engineer -- but I sometimes wished I was when I was in the middle of making this piece.

See the project.

Diagon Alley: What started out as a single building project, turned into a five month affair and the creation of part of the mythical alley. Everything is made from clay, yes, even the cobblestones. 🙂 I absolutely fell in love with this style of building "facades" and it inspired the 3-D art that are placed in window box frames. (See Twinkles Telescope and Bag End)

See the project.

Cannon's are my middle name!

The Dad Project - This was a labor of love. My father crafted the miniature wagons and the horse gear, along with all the accompanying tools. He felt the display was lonely and asked if I would create little men to inhabit his creation. I was happy to do so, but...

See the project.

Enterprise - Meet Sculpy

The Starship Enterprise: I would like to thank the fine folks at MetalEarth for inspiring this creation. Thanks to Instagram, I saw other Metal Earth fans and the creative way they...

See the project.