The Dad Project

This was definitely a labor of love. My father crafted the miniature wagons and the horse gear, along with all the accompanying tools. He felt the display was lonely and asked if I would create little men to inhabit his creation. I was happy to do so, but it took me more than 2 years to complete all three.

I hadn't crafted real people before (except some miniature train passengers many years ago) so it was a bit of a challenge to scale the characters without access to the wagon. I can tell you there were at least three renditions of each one before I got it right! (The cannon is a working miniature replica as shown in the photo below.)

Once I got the scale right, I was able to use this old photo, and others, as a guide to the the style of pants, shoes etc.

These fine gents are happily displayed in my parent's home.

Medium: Sculpey molding clay, foil