Capturing the perfect moment in time

I feel as if I have been looking through a camera lense for as far back as I can remember. Always striving to capture a moment in time that I would never be able to relive. At first it was so I didn't forget that moment, the first laugh of my newborn babies, the stumble and fall as they learned to walk. The laughter during the holidays and the special family moments. And that was good.

As I grew up, I challenged myself to visualize each image as a framed piece of art. As the years passed, I realized that life gives you only fleeting moments with which to experience it. She can be stingy, so I have tried to live my life with the understanding that I may never return to that place or remake that special moment.

This insight served me well as I travelled. It forced me to slow down and look for the special moments. You know the ones, those unique instances that belong only to you.

As I have gotten older, this philosophy has taken on a deeper understanding of life. It's a time when you realize how temporary your life is, in the grand scheme of things.

With that, my eye sees things a bit differently now. An intention to capture those fleeting moments, conveyed in such a way that others can feel it as I did - the breath of the breeze, the rush of the waves or the calm of the moment.

I will continue to add new collections, so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy. Comments appreciated.

All images copyrighted by Kim Dearborn. Contact to inquire about licensing.

The Collections

ABSTRACT - Abstraction of any item brings a new sense of wonder and a fresh perspective... essence becoming its own work of art.

ART - Art is magic and if you look you can see it any place you go.

My explorations have provided me with many opportunities to stumble upon great works of art in the most random places.

EVENTS and PEOPLE - People in motion, life beats the drum

While people have never been my preferred subject matter, I do love what they get up to now and again.

FOOD - Art in its own right. 

I enjoy promoting good food, regardless of where I am. When you find the dish that speaks to you, why not share it? Thanks to Yelp and Google, I've done just that!

NATURE - If you look closely enough, there is beauty everywhere you look...

...but none so beautiful as that designed by nature herself.


ARCHITECTURE - Humans have created beautiful structures, some surviving more than 5,000 years. 

Next to abstract photography, this is my favorite subject matter. From the Orkney Islands to Rome and from Paris to Amsterdam, I will never get my fill.