There's nothing more beautiful than our beautiful world. This will always be my favorite subject! Here are a few of my favorite collections and the best of the rest.

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Purple beauty

The Flowerful Collection

Like most of us, it's hard to stop and appreciate the beauty that comes into our world as we race along. I've tried to change that as I've gotten older (maybe wiser).

Here's some images I've collected through the years.

Petrified Alien

The Deadwood Collection

No, not the television series. This is more literal, and like the beauty of the flower and the color, deadwood, whether on the beach or in a geyser field, has its own set of attractive features.

Here's some recent ones I fell in love with.


The Grass Land Collection

There's a picture behind that grass. Many may choose to shoot around it, I find it makes for an interesting element in the final image.

What do you think?

The Best of the Rest Collection